FSU's Cheer Phi Smoov

Dec. 1, 2011

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. - As members of Fayetteville State's renowned cheerleading team, Cheer Phi Smoov, Leah Gordone and Emerald Jones understand that it's the team unit that leads to the their success, not the individual.

Still, it was difficult for Gordone (Jr., Fayetteville, N.C.) and Jones (Sr., Charlotte, N.C.) not to stand out, and they were rewarded for their dedication for their craft by being named recently to the 2011-12 All-CIAA Cheerleading team.

Below is a brief question-and-answer piece to allow you to get to know Gordone and Jones better.

Leah Gordone, Junior, Physical Education, Fayetteville, NC, 71st HS, 9 years of cheer experience

Q. How would you describe Cheer Phi Smoov and its cheerleading style?

Gordone: Cheer Phi Smoov is a wonderful organization and creates a bond between not us as just cheerleaders but us as sisters. For me, Cheer Phi Smoov is a sisterhood and a unique group of creative young ladies that bring something different than other squads in the CIAA. Our cheerleading style is not just stomp and shake because we incorporate advance stunts, flexibility, tumbling, precise motions, various 8-counts and jumps to our performances.

Q. What makes Cheer Phi Smoov so different and original?

Gordone: Cheer Phi Smoov is different from most CIAA squads because we bring diversity and confidence; we are also energetic, optimistic and can be composed. When Cheer Phi Smoov comes anywhere you should automatically be ready for a show because we will always be ready to perform. We are original and unique with our uniforms to prove and show to everybody knows this ain't nothing but a funky Bronco show. Not only with our appearance are we different but also the way we carry ourselves. We are reminded that Attitude is a Little Thing that Makes a Big Difference and every squad we've met so far knows that we are a genuine group of ladies.



Q. Why do you cheer at FSU?

Gordone: My freshman year we had a pep rally and the way they draw the crowd in got my attention. Therefore I knew I wanted to try out to be a part of the organization. By being on the team it taught me to gain respect for other squad members, which allows the team to work cohesively toward a common goal. I've developed friendships that will last a lifetime. The squad becomes your second family, and together, the team grows and matures, developing life skills that will benefit each cheerleader forever. The sport of cheerleading teaches hard work, perseverance, competitiveness, and teamwork.

Emerald Jones, Psychology, Charlotte NC, West Charlotte HS, 10 years of cheerleading experience

Q. How would you describe Cheer Phi Smoov and its cheerleading style?

Jones: Cheer Phi Smoov is more than a cheerleading squad. It's a sisterhood -- a bond that most people will never experience in life. Cheer Phi Smoov prepares you for life and the things we go through make us better individuals and also better with time management. Cheer Phi Smoov is so different and original because nothing we do fits the "norm." We are not regular cheerleaders that stomp and shake. We bring all the aspects of cheerleading together and then we add our own twist and originality to it! Our cheerleading style is totally different than any other squad because we come up with ideas that most squads do not think of and make it look flawless and effortless. "We join Cheer Phi Smoov as young ladies, but when we leave, we will be young women."

Q. Why do you cheer at FSU?

Jones: I cheer at FSU because this squad is so different and diverse. It pushes me to want to be better in every aspect of cheerleading. I have a certain drive to cheer when I am in front of people, and no words can describe how happy and excited I am to show them how good of a squad FSU is. Cheerleading is my passion but I do not see myself wearing any other colors besides blue and white! FSU is my home and I love my school and being a part of the Bronco cheerleading program has changed my life in numerous ways. There is no other like FSU!

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