FSU SGA Appreciates Cheer Phi Smoov

A collective of Cheer Phi Smoov

April 11, 2014

On Friday, April 11, 2014, the Fayetteville State University Student Government Association hosted a grand day of appreciation to the cheerleading squad that will carry on as an annual tradition as Cheer Phi Smoov Appreciation Day.

The day was filled with university-wide support and celebration for all of Cheer Phi Smoov's hard work, diligence and dedication to bringing life, joy and positivity to the campus.

On that same day, SGA held one of its biggest events of the year, Dance Your Mass Off (DYMO), which is a program dedicated to living an active and healthy college life. DYMO was dedicated solely to Cheer Phi Smoov as they also participated in the event.

SGA presented a formal resolution to claim Cheer Phi Smoov Appreciation Day as constitutional and tradition.



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