Ashlee Gaskins and Johnetta Godwin Named All-CIAA Cheerleaders

Jan. 17, 2018

Fayetteville, NC – Fayetteville State University senior cheerleaders Ashlee Gaskins and Johnetta Godwin have been elected to the 2017-18 All-CIAA Cheer Squad.

“Being named All-CIAA for me was like being presented the greatest honor possible,” exclaimed Ashlee Gaskins. “Being an All-CIAA representative is something I strived to be since my freshman year. This is literally a dream come true.”

Johnetta Godwin summed the honor with one word – “Amazing!!!!!”

The All-CIAA Cheerleading Squad consists of two superlative student-athletes from each institution in the conference chosen for their leadership and athletic abilities contributing the success of the team.

“These two are my only seniors on the team and they do an extraordinary job serving as mentors to everyone on the team,” praised Head Cheerleading Coach Dr. LaWanda Miller. “If I had to sum it up, I would say these two are the personification of ‘leading from the front’ and ‘leading from the back’.”

Fayetteville State instills its motto Res Non Verba “Deeds Not Words” on all students.

Ashlee Gaskins is the definition of a student leader. Dr. Miller defines her as an exemplary model for “Leading from the Front.” Not only is Gaskins the 2017-18 Cheer Phi Smoov Captain, she is the current Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) President, a member of the Student Government Association (SGA) Executive Board, a Global Scholar, and a Lt. Colonel in the Air Force ROTC.



“The things I enjoy the most about being a cheerleader is being a role model to young adults in the community and my peers,” says Gaskins. “Being a part of a legacy that is unique from any other organization and creating life-long relationships with young women and men can only be forged by the dedication and commitment it takes to be on the squad.”

A native of Fayetteville, Gaskins was introduced to the traditions of FSU’s Cheer Phi Smoov by her older sister Stasia, who allowed her to tag along to basketball games before she made FSU her collegiate choice.

“All I can remember thinking about was how awestruck I would be watching her cheer,” added Gaskins. “There is something about this team that is like no other.”

Dr. Miller describes Johnetta Godwin as a “Leader from the Back.” She constantly provides direction and insight to her teammates from behind the scenes. The discreet way she leads has truly helped the number of new team leaders multiply. She is always giving of her time and energy to help others on the team and in the community.

Godwin, a native of Scotland Neck, NC, was destined attend Fayetteville State and become a member of Cheer Phi Smoov. In high school, she cheered under the direction of a former Bronco cheerleader, Shauna Jones, who shared her college memories and inspired her to cheer in college.

“Cheerleading isn’t only about cute uniforms and shaking skirts,” explains Godwin. “This cheer program has turned me into a better me. All the life skills my coach teaches will carry over into my career goals. I love everything about Cheer Phi Smoov, the Alumni support, the opportunities and most importantly the lifelong friendships.”

The Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association will honor the All-CIAA squad in its entirety during the CIAA Tournament as part of the Super Saturday activities in the Charlotte Convention Center.

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