Jan. 4, 2017

Fayetteville, NC – Fayetteville State University cheerleaders Mariah Davis and Johnathan Ruffin have been elected to the 2016-17 All-CIAA Cheer Squad. The two outstanding Cheer Phi Smoov cheerleaders will be among the other All-CIAA selections to be introduced during the "Super Saturday" festivities on February 25th at Spectrum Center during the 2017 CIAA Basketball Tournament. Start time is 10 a.m.

Head cheerleading coach Dr. LaWanda Miller made the selections to represent the program this year. With the direction and innovative style of Dr. Miller, the Fayetteville State Cheer Phi Smoov program has been solidified as one of the best cheerleading programs of any HBCU.

“I am proud to present two sophomores for the All-CIAA Cheerleading,” stated Dr. Miller. “The two are outstanding leaders as it relates to discipline and performance.”

Davis, a sophomore and hometown native from Fayetteville, cheers as a member of the Cheer Phi Smoov White Squad. She is working towards the completion of her degree in Social Work.

“I think Mariah is extra special because she has grown up around the FSU campus and Bronco cheerleading,” continued Dr. Miller. “She started attending the annual Bronco cheerleading camp from tween to teen. I feel very honored when our FSU staff send their children to our cheerleading camp and then, ultimately, send them to the university upon high school graduation.”

“Being named All-CIAA is really an honor and I am amazed that I got it,” exclaimed Davis. “I am so thankful that I was chosen for this prestigious title. Cheerleading allows me to release any stress I have by just performing and showing out; I also love my teammates and coach so they make it even better.”



Ruffin is also a sophomore and hails from Charlotte, NC. He has cheering experience on the Cheer Phi Smoov White Squad; and made program history as only the third male to become a Blue Squad Captain for basketball season. He is majoring in Criminal Justice.

“Since joining the squad as a freshman, Johnathan, whom we all affectionately call Johnnie, has given nothing less than his best,” added Dr. Miller. “He is one my top scholar athletes and one of my top performers. He is one of those type of student-athletes that makes the whole team better.”

“I was elated to find out that my coach chose me as one of her All-CIAA picks,” declared Ruffin. “I am truly grateful and understand what people mean when they say hard work pays off. What I love most about cheerleading is the fact that my teammates aren't just my teammates, they're more like family to me. The bond we share is unbreakable and without every single one of them I wouldn't be able to do what I do best.”

The All-CIAA Cheerleading Squad consists of two superlative student-athletes from each institution in the conference chosen for their leadership and athletic abilities contributing success of the team.

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