Oct. 24, 2016

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Fayetteville, NC -- The Fayetteville State University women's basketball program has sparked an initiative entitled "Pay It Forward" to show appreciation and acknowledge people in their daily lives. Each of the student-athletes and the coaching staff provided a random act of kindness to a faculty and/or staff member on campus.

"The concept was initially introduced to me by Dr. Shannon Brogan at Kentucky State and I wanted to implement it in my program," stated first year head women's basketball coach Serena King-Coleman. "Pay It Forward enforces the idea of giving back and taking into consideration the people that help us in our day to day lives."

Head coach Serena King-Coleman, assistant coach Tyreece Brown, and all 14 student-athletes on the roster as well as the team manager (Brittany Doss) presented people within the Fayetteville State community with small tokens of appreciation for their consistent service provided. Gifts such as balloons, thank you cards, and cupcakes/donuts were randomly presented to a FSU faculty/staff member chosen by individuals on the team.

To commemorate the moment each team member took a photo with the faculty/staff personnel they selected. Reactions were both joyous and emotional in nature.

"The element of surprise caught people off guard and drew some real emotions; it's brought quite a few people to tears," continued King-Coleman. "Material things aren't what matters; it's the genuine sentiment of giving back and showing consideration for each other as people."

"As a program, I don't want us to ever forget to show gratitude," expanded King-Coleman. "One person can make a difference in the world and hopefully this initiative provides some understanding to that impact. As a program, it's bigger than wins and losses on the court; we want to win at life."

The "Pay It Forward" initiative will continue within the women's basketball program on a random basis. The idea could be one that spreads to the other athletic programs.

"In the future, we will look for opportunities to recognize others regardless of location, but we wanted to start the initiative within our campus community."

Fayetteville State women's basketball opens the 2016-17 season on November 11th against Seton Hill in the Johnson C. Smith Classic. Tip-off is scheduled for 2:00 p.m. at Brayboy Gymnasium in Charlotte, NC. Their home opener is scheduled for November 17th against UNC Pembroke at 7:30 p.m. inside Felton J. Capel Arena.



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