CIAA Championship Game will begin at 5:00 pm on Saturday

March 1, 2013

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Fayetteville State vs. Virginia Union
CIAA Women's Quarterfinals

Eva Patterson-Heath, Fayetteville State Head Coach
"Coming into today's game, we knew that it was going to be a tough game. Virginia Union is a young team. They're aggressive. They're well coached and of course no one wants to go home. Im very proud of the way the girls battled and pushed through against some adversity. Shuanda was injured, but she fought back and her teammates just rallied around her and picked up the slack."

"As I said before, Shuanda went diving for a basketball and ended up clearing out a row of chairs and kind of got a stinger in her elbow. So she was off a little bit, but her sister teammate, Tierra Colemanstepped up and played a really big game. She grabbed some offensive rebounds. She was 100% from the floor and 100% from the free throw line and that's just a testament of her desire to play tomorrow. And then once Shuanda recovered, she was just relentless in the paint, again testament of her desire to play for a championship tomorrow."

Senior forward Tierra Coleman, Fayetteville State

Is this a Different Feeling Returning to the Championship Game?

"I feel even more desire to give it my all, because this is my last opportunity to play on this court."

Senior forward Shuanda Ashford

On her game today

"Virginia Union is a very good defensive team. In the paint, it's always a battle. My teammates kept finding the will to get me the ball and I was trying to find the will to put the ball in the basket."

Barvenia Wooten-Cherry, Virginia Union

"We knew we were going to have a challenge in the paint. We did our best to guard them, but they were tough. We tried to double down, we tried to front them I believe my team gave us the best effort that they possibly could have. Our shooting was a little off tonight. I believe that if we had hit a few more buckets, then we would have had a closer game. But as far as the overall effort, I believe my team fought well. "

On Getting the Ball to Danielle Ferguson

"We saw that and we did try to get the ball inside. In the second half, I think we were trying to run our plays and find our shooters in the ball movement. We just didn't find her. She wasn't as we needed her to be in the second half. "

On the play of Fayetteville State's Tierra Coleman

"She didn't do anything, but clean up. I think she realized that she had the advantage and on that weak side, she just found herself in the lane and getting the putbacks. We talked about her being an off post player, but at the same time, she really showed up. We expected her to do more of the posting more aggressively that Ashford does, but tonight, she was the clean-up person. And when you think about our rotation, we're small on that weak side and she did what she was supposed to do. She got in there and we did our best to box her out, but we need to get a little more beef."



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