Broncos welcome new signees to build on recent success

Feb. 6, 2013

Dondre Whitmire Video
William Nelson Video

Newly hired Head Football Coach Lawrence Kershaw has received his first National Letter-of-Intents for Fayetteville State University. Dondre Whitmire and William Nelson, seniors from Friendship Collegiate Academy High School in Washington, DC, have committed to becoming a Bronco after signing commitment papers.

Dondre Whitmire is a 6-2, 295lbs offensive lineman that will play at the guard position.

"He is very athletic for his size. We feel that he will be able to come in and play early in his career. He is real physical and can move athletically and is everything you look for in a lineman," comments Head Coach Kershaw.

The Broncos will run a spread offense this upcoming season; that will be fast-paced with limited to no huddles. The tempo will be schemed similar to Oregon and systematically shadow Texas A&M.

The offensive lineman at Fayetteville State will be required to be able to move. They will have to be athletic and not just powerful. FSU will run a zoned scheme up front which will need athletic ability.

William Nelson is a 6-2, 230lbs outside linebacker on defense.

"He is a nice sized player. We are looking to get bigger at the linebacker position. He fits that build at 6-2 and 230 pounds. He is athletic and one of those guys that can come in and play early in his career," adds Coach Kershaw

Defensively, FSU is seeking guys that can run and change direction and space. The Broncos' defense will have multiple formations that will switch between a 3-4 and even front. It will play man and zone coverage.

"The biggest thing for us (Broncos) is that the team is already real young. The original thought process was to secure older kids such as transfer and junior college student athletes. When we sign a high school player, he will be a student-athlete that can come in and play early on in his career. That is where these two guys and others fit. They will be able to play and give us what we need from the maturity stand-point," proclaims Kershaw.



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