Athletics Booster Compliance

Who is a Booster?
YOU are a representative of athletics interests (aka a booster) if:

  • You are a member of a group that supports or promotes FSU Athletics (e.g. Bronco Athletics Fund);
  • You have made financial contributions to the department of athletics or any booster organization;
  • You have provided any benefits to FSU student-athletes, prospective student-athletes, or their families;
  • You have ever assisted in evaluating or recruiting prospect student-athletes;
  • You have participated in the FSU Athletics program; or
  • You have otherwise assisted in the promotion of Fayetteville State Athletics.
It is important to remember that once you are identified as a representative of athletics interest, you remain one INDEFINITELY!

Social Media & Recruiting: Leave it to the Coaches!

  • Boosters are not permitted to engage in any type of recruiting activity through a social networking website as this may risk the institution's ability to continue the recruitment of such prospects.

  • Boosters are not permitted to engage in any type of contact with prospective student-athletes through a social networking website. This includes posting on Facebook walls, direct messages on Twitter, e-mail, etc.

  • Boosters are not permitted to create recruiting or fan pages (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, fan message boards, etc.) for prospective student-athletes.

10 Things YOU Need to Know

1. ASK BEFORE YOU ACT! If you are not sure if conduct will constitute a violation of NCAA rules, call our Compliance Office at 910-672-1670.

2. ACTIVE RECRUITING INVOLVEMENT is limited to coaches. Boosters are prohibited from making in-person, off-campus recruiting contacts and cannot have telephone communication with a prospect or the prospect's family for recruiting purposes.

3. ALUMNI/BOOSTER EVENTS can violate recruiting regulations if prospects are in attendance. If you are arranging or attending alumni or booster events, do not bring or invite prospects, and explain to parents the importance of prospect-age students not attending.

4. EXTRA BENEFITS are any special arrangements by an institutional employee or representative of athletics interest to provide a currently enrolled student-athlete, prospect or their parents, relatives, or friends a benefit not expressly authorized by NCAA rules or which is not available to all students in general. Boosters cannot offer, provide, or arrange financial assistance (directly or indirectly) to pay (in whole or in part) the cost of the prospect's educational or other expenses other than summer employment.

5. ATTENDING ATHLETICS CONTESTS at schools in your community is permitted, but contacting a prospect, a prospect's parents, or a prospect's coach while you are there is prohibited. If you see or hear of a prospect who you think would be an asset to FSU, you may contact the coaches to let them know about the prospect.

6. UNAVOIDABLE INCIDENTAL CONTACT with a prospect is not a violation if the contact:

a.) Was not prearranged;
b.) Does not take place on the grounds of the prospect's educational institution or site of a competition;
c.) Is not made for the purpose of recruitment; and
d.) Involves only normal civility.

7. OCCASIONAL MEALS must be preapproved with the Compliance Office and may be provided to an enrolled student-athlete or an entire team. The meal must be served at the host's home or at a facility on FSU's campus. The meal cannot be provided at a restaurant, but it may be catered. Such meals must be restricted to infrequent and special occasions. Only the host and school staff members may provide transportation to the function.

8. EMPLOYING STUDENT-ATHLETES AND PROSPECTS is permissible in limited situations. A booster can employ a prospect only during the summer immediately prior to the prospect attending FSU. Enrolled student-athletes are limited by financial aid considerations in job arrangements. In all cases, the individual must be paid the same as others employed in similar positions in your area and must actually perform the work. PLEASE CONTACT THE COMPLIANCE OFFICE BEFORE EMPLOYING PROSPECTS OR STUDENT-ATHLETES.

9. STUDENT-ATHLETE APPEARANCES are permissible at a local church, school, charity, or non-profit agency. The appearances must be carefully monitored and must be approved by the Compliance Office prior to the event.

10. STUDENT-ATHLETES ARE NOT PERMITTED TO BE INVOLVED IN advertisement, recommendation or promotion of a commercial organization or its product or service. Using a student-athlete's name, picture or likeness to support any charitable, educational or nonprofit promotional activities require the signature of the student-athlete and the authorized representative and require prior written approval from the Director of Athletics. Forms must be obtained from the Office of Athletic Compliance.

Always Remember to Ask Before You Act!
If you have questions concerning NCAA rules regarding prospects, student-athletes or representatives of athletics interest (i.e. boosters), please contact:

Fayetteville State University
Office of Athletic Compliance
Felton J. Capel Arena
3rd Floor
1200 Murchison Road
Fayetteville, NC 28301

Deron Norwood, Assistant Athletics Director for Compliance, 910-672-1670,


Q. What if a prospect calls a representative of athletics interests?
A. Boosters may have a telephone conversation with a prospect that is initiated by the prospect and is not prearranged by the institution (including providing a prospect with the phone number). Additionally, any questions about FSU's athletic programs during the conversation must be referred to members of FSU's coaching staff.

Q. Does this apply to established family friends or neighbors? A. No. However, it must be understood that such contacts cannot be made for recruiting purposes and question about FSU's athletic programs should still be referred to members of Louisville's coaching staff.

Q. Can a booster post on a recruit's Facebook wall or mention them in a tweet?
A. No. Boosters are prohibited from mentioning a prospect publically on Facebook, Twitter or other social media websites. This involvement by boosters could jeopardize the recruitment of a PSA.

Q. Can a booster purchase a complimentary admission ticket from a PSA or Student-Athlete?
A. No, prospects and student-athletes cannot receive any form of payment for his/her complimentary admissions issued through Fayetteville State University.

Q. Can a booster make contact with a recruit and his/her legal guardians on an official visit to campus?
A. No. Boosters are prohibited from making in person, on or off-campus recruiting contacts with a prospect or his/her relatives or legal guardians.


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Bronco Athletics Fund - 05/08/2013 - It is important to remember that once you are identified as a representative of athletics interest, you remain one INDEFINITELY!...[+]

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