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Each year, every student-athlete must have a preparticipation physical evaluation from a licensed doctor turned into the athletic training staff clearing them to play sports. Contact Student Health Services at (910) 672-1454 to schedule an appointment or call your family doctor to get a physical.

Please have your doctor use the Preparticipation Physical Evaluation form provided here. Any form filled out by an outside physician must have that physician's name, phone number, and address clearly printed by the signature or include an attached business card.

All prospective and returning student-athletes must have the following forms filled out completely and returned to the athletic training staff each year prior to participation in any work-outs, practices, or games with any intercollegiate team. Please contact the athletic training staff at (910) 672-1065, if you have any questions or need assistance filling out any form.


No FSU student or high school recruit may participate in any team sponsored physical activity, including try-outs, without first submitting a Medical Packet to the athletic training staff



Please Note: If you've sustained an injury prior to arriving at Fayetteville State University, you may need additional diagnostic tests before being allowed to participate in a sport. The athlete and/or parent are financially responsible for any diagnostic testing.

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