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Office: Barber Bldg. 232
Phone: 910-672-1475

Dr. Perry Massey, Faculty Athletics Representative

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As a member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), Fayetteville State University is required to designate a faculty member as Faculty Athletics Representative (FAR). The Faculty Athletics Representative plays a key role in the oversight of the intercollegiate athletics program by providing a voice that reflects traditional faculty values to ensure the academic integrity of the program and the welfare of student-athletes.

The Faculty Athletics Representative shall not hold an administrative or coaching position in the athletics department.

The specific responsibilities of the Faculty Athletics Representative focus on the following aspects of the intercollegiate athletics program:

1. Eligibility. The FAR shall know and understand the eligibility requirements of the NCAA, the Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association, and Fayetteville State University and work with the Director of Athletics, Director of Admissions, Registrar, and coaches to ensure that all student-athletes meet all eligibility requirements. The FAR shall meet with all student-athletes prior to the start of the season to explain eligibility requirements. The FAR shall sign all official team eligibility rosters to certify that all of the student-athletes on the roster are eligible to compete.

2. Meetings with the Chancellor and Director of Athletics. The FAR shall meet regularly with the Chancellor and the Director of Athletics to discuss all aspects of the intercollegiate athletics program. All information regarding the intercollegiate athletics program shall be made available to the FAR. The FAR may contact the NCAA staff on issues concerning the intercollegiate athletics program at Fayetteville State University.

3. Reports to the Faculty Assembly. The FAR shall report regularly to the Faculty Assembly regarding the operations of the athletics program and the academic well-being of all student athletes. The FAR shall present all proposed changes in the university requirements for athletics eligibility to the Faculty Assembly for approval.

4. Athletics Council. The FAR shall be a voting member of the Athletics Council.

5. Welfare of Student-Athletes. The FAR should be actively involved with the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) and all student-athletes to promote the general welfare of the student-athletes.

6. Waivers and Appeals. The FAR shall be involved in the preparation of requests for waiver or appeals from NCAA regulations or process.

7. Rules Violations. The FAR shall be involved in all major institutional inquires into alleged or suspected rules violations. The FAR will help prepare written reports of violations made to the conference or the NCAA.

8. Scholarships. The FAR shall coordinate the nomination process for NCAA post graduate scholarships.

9. Compliance. The FAR will work with the Director of Athletics to develop a comprehensive compliance and education program.

10. Academic Integrity. The FAR has knowledge of the enrollment figures, the number of student athletes, the number of varsity sport programs, the percentage of student athletes, the rules of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), and the responsibilities identified in the Faculty Athletics Representative Handbook.

With so many athletics and academic responsibilities, one might inquire why an individual serves in such a demanding capacity. The answer quite simply is that FARs value intercollegiate athletics and the benefits which well-balanced programs can provide student-athletes, the campus, and the community of which our institution is a part.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Faculty Athletics Representative if you have question, comments or concerns about the information above.

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