Athletics Academic Support Center


The FSU Department of Athletics offesr student-athletes a convenient place to study in the Athletics Academic Support Center.

The Academic Center, located in Helen T. Chick Building (Room # 116B), is open five days a week with flexible hours tailored to make the most of student-athletes' limited time.

The center houses a mini computer lab with a network printer, individual study carrels and areas for monitored group study and tutorial work. A copier is also be available for use for academic materials.

Student-athletes are encouraged to use this facility between classes and around practice times during the week.

To ensure an environment conducive to studying and to provide an effective monitoring system, the following rules and regulations are implemented for the Academic Support Center:

• No talking. Group test preparation and tutoring sessions should be approved and held in the conference room.
• No snacks or drinks permitted in the Academic Center.
• Tobacco products, computer games, playing cards, leisure reading materials are not permitted in the Academic Center.
• Checking email or chatting is only permissible on the designated computer.
• Each student-athlete must report to the monitor to sign-in and sign-out for ISP credit.
• Individualized Study Plan (ISP) hours are calculated from Monday through Sunday. ISP forms must be turned in by noon Monday to receive credit for the week.
• You must stay at least 30 minutes in order to receive credit for your time for ISP.
• No more than three hours per day can be counted towards the total ISP time for the week.
• Use of your personal laptop requires approval from staff.
• Sign the computer log prior to using the computers.

Individualized Study Plan (ISP)

Preparation is the key to the student-athlete's development in the classroom. The ISP is a tool to help student-athletes commit themselves to meeting their academic goals. While this program is available to everyone, the following students are required to participate:

1. Freshman in their first semester;
2. All transfers in their first semester;
3. All student-athletes whose GPA falls below 2.25; or
4. Student-athletes upon a coach's referral.

Students are required to meet once a week with their head coach or designee. During this meeting, the coach and the student-athlete will complete the ISP form detailing every class assignment, test, tutorial session, individual study session, extra credit session, academic skills workshop, practice and competition for the upcoming week.

This process assists the student with time management and provides one-on-one mentoring. Student-athletes participating in ISP will spend six hours of supervised study in an approved study facility per week.

The supervised study activity usually takes place in the Athletics Academic Support Center.

However, FSU Athletic staff and tutors, approved by the Department of Athletics, may supervise study activities outside the Athletics Academic Support Center. Failure to fulfill the obligations of the ISP Plan may result in suspension from practice, travel, or competition.

Additional exam preparation time will be added for those individuals struggling after midterm. 

Athletic Academic Counselors

The primary responsibility of the Athletic Academic Counselors will be to provide student-athletes with information and informed advice about any academic matter.

Student-athletes may find advisement especially helpful prior to and/or during registration periods. After meeting with the assigned Faculty Academic Advisor, the student-athlete should meet with the Athletics Academic Counselor to discuss class schedules in light of current academic standings, specific degree requirements, upcoming competitive schedules and NCAA regulations.

The Academic Counselor and the team's head coach can provide each student-athlete with input on selecting a major and dropping, adding, or withdrawing from a course. Student-athletes must contact their Academic Counselor before making changes in courses of study or current schedules.

To remain eligible for athletics participation, all academic changes must be in compliance with both the rules of FSU and the NCAA.

Monitoring each student-athlete's academic performance is another responsibility of the Academic Counselors.

This monitoring is done via Webfocus reports, written and verbal inquiries to individual professors regarding each student-athlete's class attendance, grades and classroom attitude. Keeping in close contact with class instructors will provide the Athletics Academic Counselors, coaches, and the student-athletes with a timely assessment of academic situations.

Professional and Peer Tutors

Professional tutors will provide tutoring after 5:00pm to those participants who are not able to receive tutoring throughout the normal day time schedule. Professional tutors will assist in identifying academic deficiencies of participants enrolled in the ISP program.

They will administer instructor-made surveys or instruments to determine the strengths and weaknesses of participants. They will discuss the academic progress of participants with the Athletic Academic Advisors on a weekly basis.

They will refer the student-athletes to the Athletic Academic Counselor for additional guidance and to any other available campus-wide resource. The professional tutors will also submit monthly reports to the Athletic Director.

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