Preparation is the key to the student-athlete's development in the classroom. The ASP is a tool to help student-athletes commit themselves to meeting their academic goals.

While this program is available to everyone, the following students are required to participate:

1. Freshmen in their first semester;

2. All transfers in their first semester;

3. All student-athletes whose GPA falls below 2.5; or

4. Any student-athletes referred by the head coach or his/her designee.

Student-athletes are required to meet twice per semester (mid-term) with the Academic Team consisting of their head coach, Athletic Director, and Academic Coordinator. During this meeting, the team and the student-athlete review academic performance as determined by mid-term grades and faculty early alert data.

The ASP form will be completed detailing every class assignment, test, tutorial sessions, individual study sessions, extra credit sessions, academic skills workshop, additional study hall time will also be a part of ASP plan and all other campus academic resources deemed appropriate to assist those in need of specific services.

However, FSU Athletics staff and tutors, approved by the Athletic Director, may supervise study activities outside the Evening Academic Support Center. Failure to fulfill the obligations of the ASP Plan may result in suspension from practice, travel, or competition.


The primary responsibility of the Athletics Academic Coordinator will be to assist student-athletes with information and informed advice about any academic matters. This does not take place (supplant) of the student-athletes primary assigned Faculty Advisor. The Coordinator's input is to supplement the advice provided to the student-athlete provided by official University assigned faculty advisor.

Student-athletes may find the advice especially helpful prior to and/or during registration periods. After meeting with the assigned Faculty Academic Advisor, the student-athlete should meet with the Athletics Academic Coordinator to discuss class schedules in light of the demands of athletic schedules of practices and competitions and the possible impact on current academic standings, specific degree requirements, and other academic concerns.

Student-athletes must contact the Compliance Officer for Athletics before dropping or withdrawing from any course. To remain eligible for athletics participation, all academic changes must be in compliance with both the rules of FSU and the NCAA.

Monitoring each student-athlete's academic performance is another responsibility of the Academic Coordinator. This monitoring is done via Web focus reports, written and verbal inquiries to individual professors regarding each student-athlete's class attendance, grades and classroom attitude. Keeping in close contact with class instructors will provide the Athletics Academic Coordinator, coaches, and the student-athletes with a timely assessment of academic situations.


Professional tutors will provide tutoring after 8:30 am-8:00 pm, Monday -Thursday, to those student-athletes who are not able to receive tutoring throughout the normal day time schedule. Professional tutors and Peer tutors will assist in identifying academic deficiencies of participants enrolled in the ASP program. They will administer instructor-made surveys or instruments to determine the strengths and weaknesses of participants. They will discuss the academic progress of participants with the Athletics Academic Coordinator on a weekly basis.

They will refer the student-athletes to the Athletics Academic Coordinator for additional guidance and to any other available campus-wide resource. The professional tutors will also submit monthly reports to Athletics Academic Coordinator.

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