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Felder With John Brown And Antonio Mayo

Sept. 14, 2012

FAYETTEVILLE, NC - The Fayetteville State athletic department has selected Jasmine Felder of Ferguson Easley Elementary School as the winner of an Essay Contest recently held by the program's Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) regarding the harmful effects of bullying.

Felder, who is 10 years old and in the fifth grade, has won the opportunity to participate in the coin toss at the beginning of the Broncos' home football opener on Saturday evening against Virginia Union.

"I am really happy they picked me because it has happened to me a lot of times, mostly in the second grade," she said. "I am just really happy that I won this award."

Felder was notified at her school this past Wednesday by Fayetteville State's Assistant Athletic Director for Compliance and Senior Women's Administrator Camelia Blake, and Bronco football players John Brown and Antonio Mayo. Blake stated that the first-person perspective of Felder's essay made her the best choice as the essay winner, and bring awareness to bullying in schools.

"The Student-Athletic Advisory Committee decided to do a writing contest to bridge the community with what's going on here at Fayetteville State Athletics," she said. "The reason we chose the harmful effects of bullying was because it was something that we realized is going on heavily in the school system. So after reading Jasmine's essay it had a purpose and is written from the first-person because it is something that she encountered and went through, and she would just like to hear first that they're sorry for what they did. In picking her essay it was by no surprise that she would be the winner."

Ferguson Easley Elememtary principal Dr. Mary Hales reiterated the comments made by Blake, and also commended Felder on her stance against bullying in schools.

"Jasmine is a great student, and is a very manner able student," she stated. "We love her here. She is impressionable, but impressionable in a positive way. I just can't say enough about her. She also knows that we are anti-bullying here at Ferguson Easley Elementary. We feel very strongly about bullying and we take it very seriously."

The essay written by Felder can be seen below:

Harmful Effects of Bullying

By: Jasmine A. Felder

Bullying is NEVER good. Bullying can hurt a person's feelings and in some instances someone could get hurt. I am often bullied by a lot of people at my school because I wear glasses. I even got hit by a person at my school a few months ago. Sometimes I feel like I am wanted, so I don't come to school. When you have hurt feeling you might feel sad and depressed and sometimes being stressed out makes my stomach hurt and I feel like I want to yell. If they knew how I felt maybe they would stop bullying forever.

Some people call me a nerd but I am proud to be a nerd because one day I am going to make millions of dollars and the people who made fun of me are going to be working for me.

Bullying has become a worldwide problem where even celebrities are promoting a no bully zone. I was watching the news one day and the news person said that a kid at a school in New Jersey brought a gun to school and almost killed people in the school.

I am not sure who thought bullying was a cool thing to do. I'm sure they never thought that it would cause depression in kids or make kids want to hurt themselves and sometimes kill themselves or others. All I know is that bullying is not cool and anyone who is caught bullying should be punished. They should be made to watch videos on the effects of bullying and to talk to an adult who has bullied as a kid and let the adult tell them how bullying effected his or her adult life. Bullying never has a temporary effect but how a bully can begin to heal a kid that he has bullied is to first begin with I AM SORRY.

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